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  • By Izzy House

Magic Leap Announces Magic Leap One

Hold on to your tutu! Life as we know it has just shifted. Did you feel it? Magic Leap has announced their augmented reality goggles, Magic Leap One. They have been working on something revolutionary for some time. It appears as if they have done it and done it in style. They have displayed brilliant market strategy with a brilliant and transforming product.

These augmented goggles will allow you to interact with items that are computer simulations, in real time, while in the real world. This is the stuff of Iron Man! Gone will be the tiny and constricting screens that have dominated our lives. With these goggles, the world becomes our screen. It will overlay images that we can control within the world we see and live in.

The goggles are a self-contained computer with the processing power with high-fidelity and gaming-quality graphics along with the power and performance of a laptop computer. Things are so life-like and the response time so real that you could wear them for hours. Their spatial interface works by responding to our voice, gesture, head pose and even our eye movements.

In early 2018, Magic Leap will be releasing the developer tools and learning resources.

It will remember your screens and where you left them. It will allow you to meet and collaborate with others…virtually. Gaming just took on a whole new dimension... not only in your living room but with your living room. And education…what a classroom that will make! This will change everything.

What does this mean for businesses? The rules will change. Marketing has already changed to be more interactive with your customers. Marketing will be done within the virtual world. Learning, training, working, playing, will all be done in the digital realm. How will you compete? Make sure you keep up-to-date on information and implement new strategies as you can. Take advantages of new spaces and needs. One rule will still apply and that is “to be relevant” to your customer. How we will be relevant will be worthy of a lot of thought and it will be a massive challenge.

I would like to say BRAVO to Magic Leap. Their marketing was very well timed. They announced this major shift in technology after Christmas and as the New Year is approaching. We are all thinking about how this new year will play out. They quote it so clearly by saying “Welcome to Day One.” I get goosebumps every time I read it. By announcing it during this time of pause, all eyes are on them and we become open to the possibility of change. Others have played their card with the Christmas bustle and jockeyed with the competition to be heard during the holiday. All their voices spent. Magic Leap owns this time and space. They share it with no one. Businesses take note of this strategy.

Another brilliant piece of strategy was the design of their “goggles.” They are not headsets nor are they glasses. They look like goggles. So, when we say goggles, it will mean only them. With this design, they have set themselves apart from their competition and they now own the word, “goggles.” BTW- love the steampunk look.

This will involve a lot of change. Here we go.

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