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  • By Izzy House

Virtual Reality is not an age

by Izzy House

There is a tsunami approaching. It is wonderful and amazing while truly terrifying in its size and magnitude. It will impact everyone. Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) will impact every aspect of our lives and it will do it so suddenly, we won’t know what hit us. This new technology does not have exclusivity to one generation.

Some are saying, “only the digital natives can tame this new technology.” That is just plain BS.

I appreciate that this young generation want to put a stamp on their identity, but to say virtual reality is just for those that have grown up as digital natives would be a mistake. They do not have exclusivity into this technology. This new era will impact everyone. Completely and totally. Young and old. Every business and every industry will be affected in a short amount of time.

Those that have grown up with technology will have a vision and a style of thinking that will be different. There is not any doubt about this. But some say that those over the age of 25 just won’t get it. This is a shortsighted view that will cost you dearly is you subscribe to it. Let me ask you this - who do you think created the world that the digital natives are growing up in? Are those that developed the internet, apps, and that technology suddenly rendered stupid? If Steve Jobs were alive, would you tell him that he doesn’t get virtual reality so sit this one out? Brilliance and vision is an attitude not an age.

Every industry will be impacted by this emerging technology. Those that will adopt VR/AR/MR to revolutionize their industry will first need to understand their industry. It takes time for individuals to develop their craft. It takes vision and experience to see how to apply new technology in ways that will be meaningful.

Can a digital native navigate the new waters? Absolutely! And I think they are a valuable asset to the team. But the newest generation of employee has a different view on work. They go through jobs like a revolving door. They have been brought up that when things get hard, do something else. How are they to master an industry if they never get through the hard parts? This generation that is entering the workforce has not been taught how to effectively lead and inspire people. Every generation has the bumps it needs to work out and the few individuals that figure these things out will emerge to shine brightly. But the majority of any generation do not become the inspired individuals that revolutionize the world. They are the world.

The tsunami that is preparing to consume us will need leaders and experts from every generation. It will be only through a team effort that we can successfully embrace this new world made from Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technology. Every generation will play a valuable role in developing the world of our future.

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