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Client Projects

Over 23 years and 600+ clients

KRS - Government

• Working in the Communication Department for almost 4 years.

• Multiple award-winning projects including publication design, Annual Report, and Electronic Presentations.

• Four years of Annual Reports and Summary Annual Reports

• Social Media

• Video

• Electronic Presentations

• Event Materials.

Somernites Cruise

• A 13 year client relationship

• Developed their ad program that brought national coverage and made them one of the biggest car shows in the region.

• Developed their sponsorship program and increased revenue by 500%.

• Developed a successful vendor program.

• The cruise brought millions of dollars to the local community.

• Managed their website for 7 years.

• Created all their materials from posters and signage to publications.

Lake Cumberland District Health Department (LCDHD)

• Created identity and materials for the agency and many of its programs.

• American Graphic Design Award for a TLC program booklet set with workbook.

• Large print projects up to a million pieces.

• Designed and coordinated direct mail campaign and materials.

Danville Christian Academy

• Designed their logo and identity.

Provided a website design.

• Created materials including postcards, brochures, and banners for multiple events.

• Designed multiple billboards.

Sheep and Goat

Development Office

• Developed Hoofprint magazine.

• Developed and created ad campaign

• Created identity and literature for multiple events.

• Created a calendar program that generated income.

• Developed websites.

• Developed displays.

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